Find out which travel visas you need by using our Travel Visa Planner below.

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Our website is a place where you can not only buy visas but also find a lot of useful information, such as: visas required for your trip, documents which need to be submitted to the embassy, processing times and finally both our and embassy fees.

The first page you will see when you get to our website is the page with the map of the world on it. You can then use it to select the countries you are travelling to (alternatively, type them into the text field and press 'add to my trip'), then enter your nationality and country of residence on the right, and click next.

You can "Add Person" on the left hand side and add multiple people to your one order, and the system will omit/recommend certain visas dependent on your individual nationalities. The most important feature on this page is the "Full Details" button for each visa, which tells you expected processing times, necessary supporting documents as well as the individual visas validity (i.e the earliest we would be able to apply for it.)

If you have found all the information you need, and you would like to place a booking, select each visa you require, input the return address for your passport and click next. You will then be lead through the payment process, and lastly asked to upload a passport scan, and fill in some personal details & some details about your trip.

Once you added all necessary information, you’ll be able to download application form as well as a ‘how to’ guide, which will explain in details how to fill out the form and what documents need to be posted to us.

You will then be able to log into your account at any point and track the progress of your order. There are several statuses that you will see next to the visa name: Awaiting - that means we haven’t received your documents yet, OK - your documents have arrived and everything is fine, Problem - your documents arrived but something is missing/ needs to be corrected (we’ll get in touch with you if that is the case), Processing - your visa has been applied for but hasn’t been issued yet, Processed - we got the visa and will be emailing it to you (eVisas) or posting it to you (the rest of visas).

You can also sign up for text message updates. This service comes at no charge and you’ll get a text message when your visa is issued.

When your passport is posted back to you, you’ll receive an email with the tracking number, so you can always track the passport whereabouts.

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